— «Internet of Animals», Khodynka Gallery, Moscow, Russia
— «The New Anthropology», Pavlov Institute of Physiology Russian Academy of Sciences, Pavlovo, Russia
— AIxMusic Festival in a frame of Ars Electronica Festival, St. Florian Monastery, Austria
— «Out of the Box - The Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution», POSTCITY, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
— «AI_Stage» GAMMA Festival, Saint-Petersburg
— «Persisting Realities» CTM Festival, Berlin
— «DAEMONS IN THE MACHINE» group show, MMOMa, «deus X mchn», interactive-installation, neural network
— «Videoforma» Festival, Saint-Petersburg
— «SPY-DIY» group show, ELECTROMUSEUM, "f0rma.suprema", media-installation
— «IAM» group show, GARAGE Museum (Moscow), «Birds Language», research project
— «ART OVRAG» Festival (Vyksa) "Arch-live", media-installation
— "Uncanney Value" group exhibition, Ecke Gallerie, Augsburg (Germany), «The Other View», media-installation
— ">101.Player Select" Mediapoetry Festival, Saint-Petersburg, «Novel 4.0», media-installation, neural network
— «The Wrong – New Digital Art Bienale», «Nudes Descending a staircase», video
— «Open Codes» group show, ZKM, Karlsruhe (Germany), «deus X mchn», live-hacking version of media-installation
— «Politics and Poetics of the Surface» festival, Veinti4/Siete Galería, Costa Rica, "Distortions", video
— "8 LEVEL" group exhibition, VINZAVOD Art Center, Moscow, «deus X mchn», media-installation
— EARTH LAB parallel programm, The Polytech Museum and Ars Electronica Center collaborative project, Moscow, «Ants Set and Neural Networks», performance and lecture
— «Prepared Wednesdays» sound-art festival, Polytech Museum & Moscow SoundArtist community, «Be the Big Brother» performance
— «New Codes of Art», ELECTROMUSEUM (VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), «Nudes Descending a staircase», video
— PolitechSienceArt exhibition, GARAGE Museum, PLASTIFIQUE BIOFARM collaborative project, interactive media-installation, hybrid-art
— Electronic Living room opening, Moscow Polytechnic Museum, interactive sound-performance
— «Troublemakers» group exhibition, object
— New Media Night, Nikolo-Lenivets, intervention
— «Research» group exhibition, MMOMA, Moscow, «Distortions», 2-channel video-installation
— NOW&AFTER Video-art Festival, «LOGOS», video
— "Rejected Reality" group exhibition, MMOMA, Moscow (Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), "It's not Me", interactive 30-days lasting performance, installation