Quorum Sensing: Skin Flora Signal System and Antiwar AI, presentation (in a frame of IN PROGRESS… | Colloquium series, Art Laboratory Berlin) (online)

New Media Art and Hacktivism, talk (Frame, Tbilisi, Georgia)

AI and Art, a complicated yet lively relationship, panel (The Cookery at iMAL, Brussels, Belgium)

AI & Art: text2image generators, talk (in a frame of "Digital Serendipity" exhibition's public program, Akbank Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey)


Digital Resistance, presentation (in a frame of Internet Without Borders conference, Paris, France)

Artist Talk, (in a frame of ArtScienceWeek, Leiden University, Netherlands)

Discussion with Ksenia Fedorova at the Opening of "Bird Language" Show, (EST Art Foundation, in a frame of ArtScienceWeek, Leiden, Netherlands)

Non-human intelligence in Art & Science: from AI to Living Systems, presentation (Brave New World conference, Leiden, Netherlands)

Artificial Intelligence for Image Production: Artistic Perspectives, presentation (The Digital Image – Creative Practices and Reflections on the Digital Image conference, Marburg, Germany)

AI and Arts: Aesthetics and Politics of Artificial Neural Networks, talk ("Algorithms In Context" project at the University of Art and Design Offenbach) (online)

Transdisciplinary New Media Lunch Talks series, talk (Paris College of Arts) (online)

AI in a Context of Art: From Dystopia to Posthuman Perspective, talk (The NECS 2022 Conference) (online)


AI & Art, talk in a context of "Uncanny Dream" exhibition (Ars Electronica Festival 2021) (online)

Curating hybrid events. Ars Electronica 2021 experience, panel in a context of "Uncanny Dream" exhibition (Ars Electronica Festival 2021) (online)

Biosemiotics and Interspecies Communication, panel (Art & Science Master's program ITMO University and Winzavod Contemporary Art Center) (online)

Artist talk in a frame of the show "May the Other Live in Me", talk (LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)

ART4MED, panel (CADAF - Crypto and Digital Art Fair) (online)

Presentation of "Quorum Sensing: Skin Flora Signal System" project, (Open Source Body festival, Paris) (online)

Creative Immersive AI: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Creative Applications of AI in Immersive Media, discussion (CHI 2021. The 2021 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Yokohama, Japan) (online)

Co-Envisioning the Future of AI, presentation, discussion (KI-Camp 2021 & STATE Gallery, Berlin) (online)

Panel discussion in a frame of EMA EXPO 2021, (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow)

AI & sound: experiments in a context of new media art, presentation ("Noise in Culture" conference, Moscow)

AI & Art, talk (The Internet and Society Center (CIS), Paris) (online)

Liquid, dark and foreign: ecofeminist narratives in Art & Science, discussion (Art.ITMO.Residency, Saint-Petersburg) (online)

Curating in Pandemic Times: from Challenges to Advantages, presentation (Zlin Design Week Exhibition Design Lab Conference, Zlin) (online)


Curatorial Talks, panel discussion (Art.ITMO.Residency, Saint-Petersburg) (online)

Deep Media Art, TED talk (TEDxTomsk, Tomsk, Russia)

Presentation of Faces2Voices project (together with Nikita Prudnikov), Artists TALKS. Piksel20. The future narrow (Piksel Festival 2020, Bergen, Norway) (online)

Art and Technology Trends in Pandemic Reality, panel discussion with Ars Electronica curators ("Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth" online conference, HSE, Moscow) (online)

Art & Science Practices: Beyond Human, talk ("Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth" online conference, HSE, Moscow) (online)

Innovative approaches to AI Arts in Russian New Media Art, presentation (SIGGRAPH 2020 online conference) (online)

Datasets vs Mindsets, co-curator and moderator of an online conferen

Panel Discussion with Dmitry Bulatov at the Opening of "The Other View" Exhibition, (FotonFestival) (online/offline)

Hybrid Art, Interspecies Communication and Artificial Intelligence, artist talk (FotonFestival) (online)

Hybrid Art: "Machine Creativity" and Legal Issues, presentation, panel (National Center for Contemporary Art) (online)

Artificial Intelligence: Aesthetics and Politics, public lecture (Da. - Digital Art master's program, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok) (online)

AI \ Heritage, discussion (in a frame of Mediate: in-betweenness online project) (online)

Art is not enough!, presentation (Saving the World conference in a frame of FORECAST2022 online festival) (online)

Panel discussion in a frame of «Spy DIY» show (Barents Spektakel Festival, Kirkenes, Norway)

"Artificial Intelligence: Limitless Potential vs Liminal Transcendence", panel (CTM Festival, Berlin)

"Critical Art and the Ethics of AI", presentation (CTM Festival, Berlin)

"Neural Networks in Science, Art and Society", panel (ELECTROMUSEUM, Moscow)


Interspecies Communication and Bird Language, presentation, discussion (Khodynka Gallery, Moscow)

Texts of Unhuman Agents, public lecture (National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow)

Rights of Unhuman Artists, panel (National Center for Contemporary Art, Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

"Whose Art Is It? Authorship and Agency in Algorithmic Art ", panel (Forum IMG at Mutek Festival, Montreal, Canada)

"Experimental Cultural Production", panel (Forum GAMMA_PRO at GAMMA Festival, Lumiere Hall, Saint-Petersburg)


Public discussion (Kuryokhin Art Center, the Video Forma Festival, Saint-Petersburg)

"Artificial Intelligence: hype and risks", artist talk (MMOMA , LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow)

"Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence", artist talk, performance (Tselinny Art Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

"Art of unhuman agents: bringing together the Neural Networks and birds", panel discussion (GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow)

Artist talk (GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow)

"The Work of Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: between research and hype", presentation + panel discussion (Art&Science day, The Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow)

Artist talk (ART OVRAG Festival, Vyksa)

"AI in a context of new media art", talk (Proun Gallery, Moscow)

"Internet of Things: Artistic Visions", presentation (Internet of Things day, Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

"The Future of Art" panel discussion, expert at Future Culture Lab, (National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow)


"Neural Network as Artistic Tool", presentation (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Center, Manege, Moscow)