The Other View v.2

installation, 2020
Collages / videos / Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
This project is a second iteration of The Other View project. By hacking as an art practice The Other View explores two perspectives of surveillance: first, the gathering of our data by tech companies through social-media based on the information we provide in exchange for their free services, and second, the surveillance of our physical presence by IoT devises, in this case IP-cameras.
For this project I connected to IP-cameras at some mirror gallery imitating Yayoi Kusama's mirror installations. The visitors are taking selfies in these mirrors and posting them on social media. This project demonstrates the supplementation of IP-camera surveillance by self-representation through social media.

An IP-camera at the mirror gallery is installed to look down from above the entrance and shows a non-human point of view by observing reality as it is. At the same time, visitors represent clich├ęs of social constructs (such as "attractive woman", "couple in love" or "friends") by looking at themselves from an imaginary Other's point of view.

Another perspective of the project is a study of various types of image production in an age of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and social networks. Through the appropriation of different types of images, the project proposes to reflect on the future of photography, when we will be able to generate images using description-based Artificial Intelligence based on datasets consisting of images already accumulated by humanity.